The 10 Excellent Patient Reviews You Need To Read First Before You Want A Plastic Surgery.

Plastic Surgery procedures have a wide range, from cosmetic improvements to corrective surgeries. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments include botox, fillers, PRP, injectables, acne treatments, skincare, and much more.

Plastic Surgeons are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care. They offer both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. They are committed doctors, and focus on developing an individual plan. These plans are important for enhancing and maintaining your aesthetic goals. An overwhelming emphasis is placed on quality and safety. Following their surgery, the patients stay in comfort and privacy. Dedicated nurses are always ready to assist patients during their early postoperative care.

Dr. Srinjoy Saha has been fortunate to treat many patients both near and far to his clinic in Kolkata, India. One of the best compliments he has always received is the patient’s willingness to discuss the positive experience they had. He believes in delivering a high quality of care. Whether it is during time spent at the initial consultation, or in the safety of the operating room, or a thorough willingness to meet post-operative needs, it is the high standards that set his surgeries apart.

Review # 1. A world of thanks to you all! Here is hoping all of you understand not only how much I trust in your care, but also how very much I respect you. You represent what is the very best in your profession and please know it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You are the best! Warm regards - LT

Review # 2. Thank you for the compassion and care you have given me. You were very attentive to all my needs, not only as a great surgeon but also making me feel good about myself and encouraging me to the finish. I consider you as a special new friend and would recommend you to anyone who needed reconstructive surgery. You are the best! - GB

Review # 3. Thank you so very much for your kindness, compassion, and excellent use of your craft. Needless to say, I and my wife are very grateful for your good-spirited personality and friendly manner. We appreciate all of your outstanding efforts and willingness to stay late to take care of her and her injury to her face. Warm regards, - PB.

Review # 4. He performed my tummy tuck and then again, my decision to have a breast lift. I’ve always wanted a tummy tuck for about 10 years now and after first meeting her at my consultation I knew he would be the doctor who would perform my procedure. He was so kind and patient. He would not rush me through, to move on to the next person. His spirit was just awesome to say the least. After thinking about my procedure, I called and made an appointment for my breast lift. Of course, he told me she thought it would look great and I would look awesome. And believe me when I say he was right. I love my tummy but I can’t stop looking at my breast. He did a wonderful job on BOTH. His office called me to check whether I am doing well many times. He truly cares about how you look and most importantly your health. I am truly happy I chose Dr. Srinjoy Saha as my plastic surgeon. - MC

Review # 5. He is amazing. I waited three years to have my breast lift because I just couldn’t find a doctor I really felt at ease with. I knew he was the one. Ten days later I had my surgery. I love my new perky breasts. He did an amazing job. I recommended his services to all my relatives and friends. - BB

Review # 6. I have been to about 5 different doctors earlier for injecting botox and fillers. All of them were highly advertised. Most of them did an “okay” job, but nothing extraordinary. Actually, I think some of them made small errors. In comparison, he is by far the most painless and his work is just perfect every time. He is easy to talk to, humble, and down to earth. You will come out looking natural and refreshed and not overdone. He has an artist’s eye and hand. He is always up to date and has perfected his techniques. I highly recommend and trust Dr. Srinjoy Saha! - MK

Review # 7. I depart for Bangkok, Thailand, to begin life again tomorrow. Before leaving, I wish to express my gratitude and my heartfelt appreciation for the excellent care I received from you. Without your aid and kindness, I would probably still be in misery with broken bones and big wounds. Your sensitivity and genuine concern enabled me to go back to my home healthy and well. Thank you so much for your care. -BC

Review # 8. Just a small thanks once again for making me feel better about myself. I’m glad I trusted my instincts enough to trust you. I’m very grateful for all your good work. I hope you will always be able to continue your practice and bring about small miracles. Thanks for caring about me. -AB

Review # 9. My elder brother headed home to Siliguri yesterday He is so much healthier and happier, thanks to your excellent care. He will be seeing you again in March. Not just me, but everyone in my family wanted to convey our deepest gratitude for your care. -SRC

Review # 10. You are a physician who brings humanness into the doctor-patient relationship. When you combine that with a kind behavior, a listening ear, an approachable manner, and excellent credentials and skill… you provide healthcare at its model best. - GG

Plastic Surgery Has Immense Benefits For The Patients. See the pictures to realise how cosmetic treatments make a difference in the appearance of a face.